Photo Credit: Tara Skatesov

The Fabulous Lorraine aka Quiche Me Deadly has been a musician for simply yonks now. Starting way back in the dawn of time with Emma Bull in the Flash Girls, where she performed songs from a variety of authors including Emma, Neil Gaiman, Jane Yolen, Dave McKean and many others she has no doubt forgotten. She’s currently playing with a guy named Paul in the excitedly named band “Paul and Lorraine” and has for the moment retired from Roller Derby but that could change at any time.

Fabulous-Lorraine-Quiche worked for 20 years as Neil Gaiman’s Assistant before deciding to go back to Skool and get AODA/Spanish/English/Librarian Assoc/BA/Masters degree thing. She and Neil remain best friends, Skool is wonderful fun except for the whole wearing pants thing and she’s still funny as hell.

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Lego LojoLojo Russo has been orbiting the ‘Con biospheres since her first days in the awesomely, classic-jam-rock quintet known as, ‘Cats Laughing’.  Three of the original members of ‘Cats Laughing’ – Emma Bull, Steven Brust and Adam Stemple – are best known for their wonderfully crafted SF/F novels. A fourth member wrote ‘blue novels’ under the pseudonym, “Anonymous”. Russo retains the dubious distinction of being the only non-published author of that group.

Somewhere along this timeline she also fell in with the Fabulous Lorraine and has remained both friend and confidant as well as one part of the peculiarly remarkable twosome, Mogg. (aka; Moggenahf, Mogguffaw, the “other” Flashgirls)

From those humble beginnings Lojo Russo has continued to provide soulful, fanciful and farcical music to her enduring fan.  Her novelty album, Sweet Tooth, contains the ‘Con-inspired hits, ‘Orbital Groove’ and ‘Blame It On the Jello’.  She enjoys long walks on the beach, the smell of Hi-Karate and the way bandaid packets spark when you open them.

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