Note: The Seaport/South Boston area has been changing over the last few years, with new construction, altered traffic and parking patterns, and some streets designated for commercial vehicles only. We’d appreciate any feedback on parking at

Parking at the Westin

The closest parking is the Westin Boston Waterfront parking – $35/day self-parking or $45/day valet. Valet parking is guaranteed for guests of the hotel.

Local Parking Lots

In addition to the Westin’s parking lot, there are a variety of other nearby parking lots are are available. Please be sure to check their hours of operation to ensure they are open when you plan to drop off or pick up your vehicle.

On-Street Parking

Read the meters, read the signs. Parking rules are different from place to place.

  • All street parking is metered until at least 6pm on Friday and Saturday and some may be metered until 8pm. The meters are free on Sunday. Check the street signs carefully, as most of the street near the hotel is reserved for taxis.
  • Bring quarters. Some meters charge $1.00 an hour and some charge $1.25 an hour. (Some meters are operated by the city of Boston, and others are operated by the Massachusetts Port Authority. This is why meters in the same general area could charge different rates and require payment at different times.)
  • Most meters are limited to two hours, some (closer to downtown Boston) will let you park for four hours, and a few are limited to 15 minutes. It is illegal to feed your meter past the time limit and you could get a hefty ticket.
  • Handicap plate/handicap placard vehicles also have some different rules, depending on who is operating the meter.
  • City of Boston meters: Time limits do not apply.
  • Massport Meters: Time limits do apply.
  • Summer Street has street cleaning every night at midnight so you must move your car by midnight if you park on Summer St.
  • Some spots on the “newer” streets like Marina Park Drive do not have individual meters and enforce parking rates 24 hrs a day, so read the parking signs when you park. If you see multi-space meters, these are generally also limited to 2 hours of parking, but they will take credit cards in addition to cash.

Again, check your meter and/or parking signs carefully when you park!

Bicycle Parking at the Westin Parking Garage

The first level of the Westin parking garage has a bicycle room. You will need to request a key to it from the hotel’s front desk. You may leave your bike near the front entrance for a short period while you get the key.

To get to the bicycle room:

  • Walk your bicycle down the first level ramp (take care: in damp weather it can be slippery).
  • At the bottom of the ramp, go around the gate, then go straight across to the far wall in the 1D parking area.
  • Behind the door that says “Fan Room” lies bicycle parking.
  • There are a dozen or so hooks to hang your bike from the wall, as well as a metal loop for locking your bike.