We’ll buy just about anything covered by your budget, provided that it fits in a station wagon and is sufficiently well described that we can be sure that we’re buying the correct item. We primarily support the Den, the reception, and the SBOF, and provide supplemental shopping for the Con Suite, but will also shop for other areas that need help. The amounts spent will be reported in detail after the convention to the requestor and to the Boskone Treasurer.

We expect to make several shopping runs for non-perishable items in the days before the truck loading on Wednesday evening, and another on Thursday primarily for perishable items for the SBOF and the Friday morning Den. Thereafter we’ll make a run every morning primarily to replenish the Den and the Con Suite, a Friday afternoon run primarily for the reception, and additional runs as needed.

If you want something bought, talk to us (the sooner the better) in person, by calling Dave’s cellphone, or by email to shopping@boskone.org. Be sure to tell us when you need it; we may not know your schedule, or may remember a no-longer-correct schedule from a previous Boskone.