Boston Brewing

Boston was one of the leaders of the craft beer revolution in 1986 with Sam Adams. Since then, breweries have opened all over Boston, including at least two which are within a mile of Boskone:

  • Harpoon Tasting Room, 306 Northern Ave (.7 miles from Boskone) – Tour/Tasting Room hours Thu – Fri noon to 6:00pm, Saturday from 11:20 am to 6:00 pm, tours cost $5
  • Trillium, 369 Congress St. (.5 mile from Boskone) – Tasting Room hours open Thursday 4-7:30, Friday noon-7:30, Saturday noon-6pm.

The nearby Franklin Cafe, 152 Dorchester Ave (1.2 miles from Boskone) has a number of locally-made craft beers; it’s open for dinner and brunch.