Travel to Boskone by Train & Subway

Take Amtrak to South Station and transfer to the Silver Line bus SL1 or SL2 to World Trade Center Station.

By the T (Boston’s Subway System)

Go to South Station and transfer there to the Silver Line, SL1 or SL2, to the World Trade Center Station. For details, see or call 617-222-3200 or 1-800-392-6100.

If the Silver Line leaves you off in the underground station:

Go up three escalators, following the signs to World Trade Center Avenue

Note: You’ll see signs for “World Trade Center” and “World Trade Center Avenue.” Be sure to follow the signs for “World Trade Center Avenue” to reach the Westin.

Take the door to World Trade Center Avenue at the top of the final escalator. If you see a large statue of four horses on your left, you’re going the right way.
Walk along World Trade Center Avenue until it ends at Summer Street.
Cross the street and veer left beside the driveway to the Westin door.
Total walk is less than 1/4th mile.

If the Silver Line leaves you off on the street beside World Trade Center Station

  • Walk through the World Trade Center Station
  • Take two up escalators
  • Exit onto World Trade Center Avenue. The Westin/Boston Convention and Exhibition Center should be one long block in front of you.

Traveling from Providence

The MBTA is now running commuter trains directly from T. F. Green (Providence) Airport to South Station.